Friday, November 11, 2016

Tales Told by Dead Friends

This post is way late, but I suspect that I'm the only one who actually cares about that.

My characters are not cooperating. The ones who are supposed to be interesting aren't, and the ones who are supposed to just take up space are actually doing things. I'm beginning to think the whole thing was a terrible idea. Everyone was right, and I should have listened.

There is one piece of this story that I actually want to work on, but I haven't had much of a chance because it doesn't contribute meaningfully to word count. See, Des was in a band. They had songs. Two of which I've already mentioned by title. Only one of which I have actual lyrics for, and they're not even complete. I also have part of the first one he's written since the whole "friends died and I became a vampire" thing. And that hasn’t even come up in the story yet.

I'd like to just take some time and write at least a good portion of each song off the album, enough that I could reference an excerpt from it. Ideally I'd like to begin each chapter with a few lines that would somehow relate to the events in that chapter. Of course, for that I’d need to have chapters. At the moment I don't. I just have little breaks between some scenes where time passes or location shifts. I didn't plan the plot out enough to have chapters. As I've said before, I'm not actually very good at this writing thing.

So why not take time to write lyrics? One, as I said, it doesn't make much in the way of word count. It doesn't make any word count until it's enough to put in the story, since I'm writing them in another program. Two, I'm not supposed to be doing that in the first place. I've mentioned in a previous post, I'm not really permitted to write lyrics because I'm not a musician. And I'm definitely not supposed to talk about it. And yet here I am.

The problem is, I need the lyrics. Des is a musician, so it would make sense for them to be there. And this is a fictional band, so I have no way to get the lyrics, unless I write them myself. It's quite the conundrum.

I know, I spend a lot of time talking about things I'm not supposed to be talking about. It's a problem, and I'm working on it.

See you Tuesday, when maybe I'll have actually accomplished something. 

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  1. Well MAD it is not fight club so you can talk about whatever you want. I also like the Shawn Connery "conundrum" word whenever I hear it his voice pops into my head. Enough about me though you are a great writer with great imagination and it is crazy that you get hooked into things like word count. I would rather read five great pages then struggle through 50,000 thousand words of crap or the politically correct word filler. Give me the goods even if it is in lyric form. I know the feeling of having the song in your head even it is one verse. You will find a musician to work it out later. I know you like to be rite about everything but somethings have to just happen like jokes about pants not all are funny but you have to read some crappy ones to get to the meat of good jokes. Don't worry about word count you know your good so just put the good stuff out especially if has not gone anywhere yet we will all ask the questions and your imagination will give the answers so give up the good stories thanks for sharing your thoughts!!!!!!!!!!!!