Friday, November 4, 2016

A Tale Told Too Quickly

It looks like all posts will be posted in the evening until the end of November. I just don't have the time (between work and NaNo) to get them out in the morning. Sorry to let everyone down.

I'm already behind on my word count. I made my quota the first day and then never again. On the bright side, I have basically all of Saturday to catch up.

I actually have a sort of outline of things that need to happen. My problem is that I tend to just go straight from one plot point to the next, with no extra stuff to fill out the in-between. I need some subplots going. I kind of sowed the seeds for one that's also going to bring in some punk rock backstory, and I'm looking forward to that.

The real issue I'm facing is that two of the plot points—the serials murders and the arrival of the vampire hunter—happen where Des is not. And since the story is in First Person POV, we only see what he sees. So I can't just like jump over to what the murderer's doing at the moment. We're stuck in Des' head. So we learn about the murders from the news and other characters, and we become aware of the vampire hunter as Des wonders if he's being followed.

Now, as much as Claire was supposed to have zero interest in Des, now that she's discovered that he works at the Creamatorium, she keeps coming and talking to him. I can't get her to stop! I think she feels guilty or something. For the record, the way she and Des met was that she hit him with her car in the middle of the night. This is not a new development. I knew that was going to happen well before I settled on an actual plot. I just didn't tell you because you might have laughed and said it was stupid. But now it's done and there's nothing anyone can do about it.

What do you think? What kind of subplots could keep my story going?

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  1. The Creamatorium is the answer.
    Or maybe that's my love of ice cream distracting me - but either way a unique location that sweet has to be rich in story. I really want the know the scoop on that place.
    There are only so many ways characters can meet, so I think you needn't worry about seeming stupid. It's what you do after that can make the real impact.