Friday, November 25, 2016

Murder Isn't Working, and That's All I'm Good At

Not a lot to report on today. I'm still way behind and I've been killing people.

I'm still determined not to give up, even though I only have five days left. I'm convinced that some amazing idea is going to come to me and it will all be okay.

Killing off Celeste was actually way harder than I thought it would be. I had actual emotions. I just wish I could do the same to my readers. But they don't have any reason to get attached to these characters. They haven't been living in anyone else's head for the past few weeks.

So here's a question, readers. What makes you get attached to a character?

There must be some psychological thing I can tap into to manipulate my audience into feeling something. Of course, it won't work on any of you, since I already told you that she was going to die. Spoiler alert. So now even if you read a perfect, final, published version, you wouldn't care about her at all, since you would know how her story ends. Not to worry, though. This story will never be perfect. It's a big ball of garbage. But it's a learning experience, so maybe I'll figure out what I need to do better. Like describe things. And give my characters personalities. And have a plot that follows the little plot diagram.

Next time.

That's all I have right now. This post is super late as it is.

See you Tuesday.


  1. Understanding why the way they are and why they make decisions. Seeing why their decisions might be something that I could see myself doing even a little bit. Basically, do I relate in any way?