I'm Mad Cooper. I enjoy sunsets, adventure novels, and jokes about pants. I'm a purveyor of rough drafts, trying to turn myself into a real writer. My writing inspiration comes from everything from music and myths to random phrases and overheard conversations. I make inside jokes that only I get and obscure references with no explanations.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why haven't you published anything yet?

My many projects are just first drafts. They need some serious revision before potential publication.

Why don’t you revise them?

We're not talking about a few spelling errors here. We're talking about plot holes big enough to lose a bus in. I know what isn't working, but I haven't figured out what would work yet.

Why do you do such terrible things to your characters?

I don't know. Maybe there's something wrong with me.

Infrequently Asked Questions:

Is Mad a name or an adjective?


Are you talking to yourself?

Also yes.