Saturday, April 30, 2016

Marginal Benefit of Additional Words Written

I'm super proud of my character right now. Which is silly, because I made him do the thing. But I'm not proud of me. I'm proud of him. My small town sheriff is questioning an economics professor whom he suspects is lying about his whereabouts at the time of the murder. Also, I'm not really worried about my upcoming Microeconomics final.

“What were you looking for in the library?”

“Books, obviously. I wouldn’t know how to simplify it...”

“I know what books are, Professor.”

“Oh, of course! I only meant the study of economics. It’s a very complicated field.”

“Right, sure. I’m sure you’re interested in how the Chesterfields have held the monopoly on sugar for the past century or two. See, there’s a huge startup cost in establishing a cane field, and that’s been a barrier to anyone else hoping to enter the industry.”

“How did you…?”

“Like I said, I know what books are.”

That probably isn't as great to everyone who isn't me.

Okay, I've finished the story. And by finished, I mean reached 10,000 words. There's still a little more actual story to write, which I will probably do tomorrow. Today. It's 1 am, so I'm a little fuzzy on that.

As per usual, I'm already thinking about my next project. There's another round of Camp NaNo in July, plus the two month between then and now. I'm thinking about doing a revision project. I have a YA (Young Adult) novella lurking in my NaNo folder that is just begging for another chance. I'll get more into that on… Tuesday, probably.

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