Friday, April 1, 2016

Bridging the Brink of Insanity

At this particular moment that I'm writing this particular sentence, it's not yet April and therefore not yet Camp NaNo. This is what we call the "planning phase." So far, the plan is a little sparse. Lacking any better ideas, I'm going with the flat world idea I mentioned… recently. The advantage to this is that by creating a whole world with various goings-on, when one story ends, I can just start another in the same world.

I have a few notes so far, though I'm not sure if any of them are terribly helpful. Here is what I have:

  • Opening lines: The world was flat. That was a given.
  • There should be a religion/cult that believes that God split the world for a reason and they shouldn't be reconnecting it.
  • Okay, bear with me… the story of a small town (with a small town sheriff) on one of the outer chunks, and once the bridge is built, the influx of the "bad element" from the mainland. What?

What, indeed.

So I don't remember if I explained this earlier, but the idea is that the more metropolitan mainland sends out explorations to the outer lands. All (or most) of the pieces are inhabited, and the population has been divided by some past cataclysm, the Shattering of the World. Anyway, the mainland sends out these air/space ships, dragging thousands of miles of cable. Once both ends are secure, they string these cable car train things on them, so that people can travel between the chunks.

Now, questions of science are bound to pop up in this. To which I say, "What science?" Things work because I say they do. Don't worry about it. It's just a story.

So the plan for the month in regards to the blog is that I'm going to try to keep to my Tuesday/Friday schedule, but I will probably also do smaller posts in between to show off a favorite scene and whatnot. Also, NaNoisms. NaNoisms are mistakes and typos that result from trying to type a lot of words in little time.  And they are hilarious. Some examples from past years:
The door opened and a woman in her 60s opened the door
- You don't say.

…with the back full of crate.
- Just one crate. Full of it.

“Magnets,” Malachi said with a yawn.
- A nod. You're not getting bored Malachi.

We’ve been whacking our brains
- Ow?
So that's what you have to look forward to. Congrats. Or sorry. Whichever applies.

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