Friday, April 29, 2016

In the Study, With the Revolver

Here we are, embroiled in a murder mystery. Of my sixteen possible suspects, I've narrowed it down to four who were up to something. Two of those were involved in an illicit affair. The other two, well, at least one of them is a killer. Maybe both. I haven't really decided yet.

A large part of my writing on… Wednesday, I think, was creating all of these people. I included the list in-story as the notes of a deputy. I think I'll just share the whole list with you, because the highlight of this endeavor was giving all of these high class folks really ridiculous names.

Constance Chesterfield-Montgomery – matriarch and owner of estate
Madeleine Montgomery – daughter, unmarried
Harrison Montgomery – son, married to
Ann Montgomery – seems to be looked down on for working class background
Cormorant Chesterfield – nephew, son of Constance’s late brother
Garrick Pomander – owner of Serenity Grand Hotel
Phineas Van der Mort – owner of funeral parlors in Serenity, Brighton, and Lower Greyhaven
Sylvia Van der Mort – his wife
Crispus Haversham - lawyer
Doreen Haversham – his wife
Jeriah Clutterbuck – bank manager
Florence Graymarsh – his lady friend, exact relationship unknown
Stanford Margrave – professor of economics, up from the University of Gearheart
Nepheline Margrave – his wife
Vanessa Paddington – his research assistant and possibly something more
Arthur Jameson – butler, employed for past 40 years
Morris Bluestone – victim, business partner to late patriarch Quincy Chesterfield

Now that you have the players in mind, I can tell you that the professor and his research assistant were doing a little off-the-book studying, and cousins Madeleine Montgomery and Cormorant Chesterfield were in undisclosed locations, possibly shooting a guy in the face.

I don't think I've ever really written a murder mystery, so I'm really just making this up as I go. Maybe someone else will meet a terrible fate before the night is through. Muahahaha!

By the time you see me again, assuming I don't post again before Tuesday, Camp NaNo will be over, and I'll be plotting my next project. See you then.

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  1. These names are wonderfully tongue-in-cheek and the subtle/not so subtle intimations to their characters are golden.