Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Procrastination at Its Finest

I've been posting a lot of bullshit lately and I think I've really gotten off topic. I've veered away from the writing adventure I was supposed to be chronicling, and came dangerously close to just talking about boring life stuff. Someone needs to shake me or something when I do that. Get me back on track. You didn't come here for that.

I had that prompt challenge thing, but all the prompts were super boring and didn't inspire me at all. They made writing lame and tedious. And once something you loved becomes a chore, well, it's all over. I have a bazillion story prompts, so maybe I should dive into one of those. Most of my posts lately have just been talking about what I'm going to do eventually, and I'm getting tired of it. I'm sure you are too. I really just need to stop writing my posts the night before.

I have a post in progress (that I just started) about outlining. But I realized it's going to take more time than I have right now, so I'll save it for Friday. So there's something to look forward to.

Lately, it seems I've been doing everything possible to avoid starting a new writing project. I cleaned my place  last week, and took two days (there was a lot of laundry). Then I decided to learn to play the piano. I've got the first 30 or 40 seconds of an emo song that I can marginally play, so that's cool. I'll get to the rest soon. Then, I had an extra hour on Friday morning, so I did the obvious thing and started learning Russian. I'm at the point where I know what a word means when I hear it, but I'm a little iffy when it comes to thinking of the Russian word from memory and spelling it. Unless it's кошка. That one I remember, for some stupid reason. That's "cat," by the way.

But here I am doing the thing I said I wouldn't. I'll shake myself this time, but I expect you to be on alert in the future. We don’t have time for that life crap here.

Stay tuned for Friday when I actually talk about something that matters.

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  1. I demand to hear this 30-40 seconds of genius that you have produced on the piano you must record and report back to this blog show not tell (I will except nothing less from a women of your talent, as well as being formerly known as the internet.)