Friday, May 20, 2016

Must be Crumbs in the Butter

I'm going to be honest. I'm really flaking out on this 31 days of prompts thing. Probably because they're super boring. It feels like some of them are just teaching people who can't describe things how to describe things. But Mad, you might say, aren't you terrible at describing things? Damn right I am. But I don't think describing how an everyday object feels, smells, tastes, etc., is going to help me.

Anyway, so I skipped ahead to Day 4, which sounded like more fun. Basically, it asks what line from a movie do you quote a lot, or makes you laugh or smile, and why this line stands out to you.

Of course I thought this would be an easy task. I know tons of movie lines! I quote them all the time! And then I spent four or five hours trying to think of one (and watching the season finale of Legends of Tomorrow, which was quite an ordeal). I watch a lot more TV than movies, so we may have to take an alternate route.

All right, many hours later, and I have a line. The funny thing about this is that no one realizes it's a line from a movie. I've absorbed it into my lexicon. The phrase in question is "a different kettle of onions." From what I can tell, this is the lesser used version of the usual "kettle of fish." I actually stole it from a movie called Alice (no, not that one). It’s a little known movie (technically it's a two part miniseries) that is very important to me for… reasons.

Honestly, there are so many great lines in this movie. I love it. When I first saw it, it was a rental. I went out and bought it the next day, and watched it every day for at least a week. Everyone should watch it. You should watch it. It's a modern Alice, who ends up in Wonderland, where things have gone a bit downhill. The whole place is run by the Queen of Hearts, who harvests emotions from Oysters (people from our world) in her casino.

Anyway, the line. Why did it stand out, that was the question. Because it was different. I'd never heard the phrase before. So I stole it (and even used it in a past post). The movie also contains the line "madder than a box of frogs," which I think I should use more often.

It’s currently 1:30am, so I'm going to call it for this post. Maybe by Tuesday I'll have something more interesting to write about. I'm not counting on it. I did mention in the past that I might do a regular feature where I talk about cool music I found. This is still in the works, not to worry.

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