Friday, January 6, 2017

A Little Pick-Me-Up

This is my 100th post (yay?) so I thought we should do something awesome. Much as I'd like to debut my brand new masterpiece, I'm not there yet. So how about a return to Mad's Music Corner? The one-year anniversary of my first post is coming up in about a month, and well, I talk a lot about how I'm not living up to the plan I set forth. But we tend to forget (and by "we" I mean me) that I've actually done a lot since then. And we don't need to be all doom and gloom about the whole thing.

So we're going to set our sights a little higher, on something a little brighter. I can be an optimist, too, if I have to be. We passed the winter solstice two weeks ago, so it can only get lighter from here.

3 Doors Down - It's the Only One You've Got

I hadn't listened to this one in years. I own the CD it's on, but I actually forgot what the song was called. I've just had one line of it rolling around in my head all this time: "If you're afraid to fly, then I guess you never will." I'll never get published if I don't sit down and write something. Maybe it'll be crap. Maybe I'll be rejected over and over. Maybe it'll get published. I’ll never know if I don't try.

Abney Park - Letter Between a Little Boy and Himself as an Adult

The premise is simple. Via the Chronofax (a typewriter that sends messages through time) a boy and his adult self exchange letters. The idea is, would childhood you be proud of the you that you are today? Would they think you were lame and boring? And why shouldn't you be as cool as childhood you would want you to be? For quite a while, I had the "Now I am awake" part from the end as my wake-up alarm because I enjoy inspiration as well as waking-up puns first thing in the morning.

American Wolves - Part of Me

First off I recommend listening, but not watching, because the camera wobbling thing makes me ill. Aside from being super catchy, it's super uplifting, and I can't really feel bad when I get it stuck in my head. "Maybe this is it, maybe I'm afraid, but I'm okay." I think that's the first step. You realize your situation is shit, but you're okay, and then you can start to do something about it.

Girl On Fire - Not Broken

Was I trying to find a band that fell later in the alphabet? Partially. But we continue the trend of still going, no matter what. "I'm not broken, I'm alive. I've been kicked down, but I’ll survive." It's very defiant, and that's the sort of thing I need right now. A reminder that I'm awesome and I can do… things.

I don't know about you, but I'm feeling pretty good. I mean, I'm exhausted and I have a deadline to write a short story or two, but I'm all right. And that has to count for something.

See you all Tuesday.

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