Friday, August 12, 2016

Mad's Musical World Tour

We’re taking a little trip today. Anyone who's spent any time around my iPod has probably asked at least once, "Is that in English?" A lot of the time, no, it's not. Do I know what it means? Sometimes.

On several occasions, I've set out to find foreign music, specifically bands that perform in their native language. Typically, I'll pick a country, then look up lists of bands from there. I'll listen to a bunch until I find something I like. Or sometimes, someone will share a band with me.

Update: I've changed the embedded videos to links for easier loading. You're welcome.

Narrowing down a Finnish song was kind of hard, because I have over a hundred. Maybe over two hundred. That's mostly this band and Apulanta, but some others as well. I picked this one because it played a major part in one of my stories. There was this whole afterlife/underworld thing, made up of pieces of every afterlife mythology I could find. "Tuonela Koivut" means "the birches of Tuonela," which is the Underworld in Finnish mythology. In my story, this the first place the protagonist finds himself. In the movie in my head, this song would play while he tries to figure out what’s happening. 
The obvious choice for Germany is usually Rammstein, which I also like, but I decided to go for the unexpected. Someone shared this online a few years ago, saying essentially, "Look at this weird-ass music video." So that's the only explanation I'll offer.

I swear someone told me about this band, but now I have no idea who. It's been in my music library for years. More than 5, but less than 10. I have no idea what the song's about, but I like the way it sounds.

Most of Lacuna Coil's well known songs are in English, but make no mistake, they are from Italy, and sometimes they do sing in Italian.

Fun fact: I made an attempt at learning Norwegian in the 7th grade. I didn’t retain much, because I only understand a handful of these words.

I have zero idea what’s happening here, but damn if it's not the catchiest chill song (or chillest catchy song) ever.
I actually know something about this one. If I recall correctly, it was written after the death of the frontman's wife. "Vernis" (or rather Вернись) means "return" or "come back." And now that I'm trying to learn Russian, I'm starting to piece together what the whole thing means.

This is one of my favorite songs ever, and I got too distracted listening to it again that I forgot to think up something to say about it.

Okay, since this post is already about three times longer than a usual Mad's Music Corner, I think that's enough. If you have any foreign band recommendations (or any bands recommendations in general), leave a comment. I'm always looking for new cool music.

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  1. I don't even know how you find all of these bands nor could I spell or pronounce any of their names If I were to make up a name it would kodmicwseniorapantswearer. I do not know if their is already a song named this but if their is it is probably awesome . Thanks for sharing your cool experience