Tuesday, April 4, 2017

The Oncoming Storm

So far so good. I'm already ahead of schedule, and hopefully I'll stay that way.

I did notice something now that I'm writing instead of plotting. See, I had a clear idea of personalities for all these characters. I knew how they should think and act. But once I put them in the story, that all changed. It's like they had one personality when they were alone and a different one when they were around other people. Hmm… almost like… real people. That might just be me who acts different when anyone is around.

Either way, I've just introduced all the characters. Now they can become whoever they want. I can always go back and fix these first impressions later.

The other trouble I'm running into is that I still have no idea how this inn is laid out. I need to draw up a blueprint or something for it. If I had some Legos, I'd just build it and move all my little people around to where I want them to be. (Note to self: get some Legos.) At this point I'm just trying not to describe it too much, lest I confuse myself and everyone around me. Including people not even reading it. Just like a storm of confusion. A tornado of bewilderment, sucking people in. And weathervanes. And cows. You know, the usual.

I've starting murdering people, at last. So she's dead, but no one knows it, yet. Except whoever killed her. Whoever that is. The grisly discovery will be saved for Tuesday afternoon. If I start it now, on Monday night, I'll never go to bed, and that's no good.

Hopefully I'll get a clearer picture of these characters once they have to react to something gruesome. Will they be scared? Shocked? Will someone be too shocked? "Oh, how crazy that she should be murdered in the middle of night? Who could have done such a thing?" Who indeed.

So far, it's been fun. We'll see how fun it is when I get to the point past where I've plotted. I think I have enough for another couple days, and then we're in uncharted territory.

I'll see you Friday. Who knows where we'll be by then!

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  1. Shame on you for not having Legos. You're such an adult.