Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Rogue Plot Bunnies

I have a lot of ideas right now. Bits and pieces. There's an idea for a children's book series, but I don't know if I could ever actually write that. I barely even know any children. I don't know what they like. I don't know what's exciting or boring to them.

Then there's the Ontological Mystery. Essentially, there are people, who find themselves trapped in a place by persons unknown, who have to figure out the who, where, and why of the situation. I have this vague notion kicking around in my head. And I think it might do me some good.

See, I have trouble with having a lot of characters. If you try to throw them all into one scene, in one room, in one conversation, it gets hard to distribute relevant things to say among them. You start feeling like you’re leaving people out, so you have them say things that need to be said in the scene, but don't sound right coming from them. The trick is to divide them up. I could keep track of who is where when. I could make charts!

I don’t have a plot or any characters, but I think they’re on an island. Nothing warm and tropical. Something around the 49th parallel north. The story would be broken into episodic fragments, and the episodes would focus on different characters. They'd all have a backstory and goals and whatnot.

So I have the format, I guess. I know how I want it to be laid out. All I have of this puzzle is the edge pieces, and the other pieces are in another box.

I know that makes for pretty boring blog posts, but I have asked on several occasions what people want to read. No responses. So all I can offer is the random things I think of. And today that isn't a lot.

I'll see you Friday.

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