Friday, December 9, 2016

An Emotional Review

Is it Friday already? I had hoped I would have accomplished something by now.

I've been thinking lately about what sort of direction I should be, uh, writing in. there's some improvements I need to make in my overall writing style. Sure, I could just keep doing what I'm doing, but let's not forget the point of all this.

I started this blog nearly a year ago to chronicle my journey toward becoming a real writer. So far, I am no closer to that goal than I was when I started. So continuing to do the same old thing is not going to work.

Something has to change.

Right now, I just murder people and don't describe anything. I don't follow any kind of plot arc. Things just happen, and then everyone dies. And it was fun. But I can't just keep doing that.

So maybe I need to suck it up and do something I hate. I have those 31 Prompts that are, really, mostly describing things. They're dreadfully boring, but that's why they call it work.

Previously, I skipped forward through the prompts, because I hate them all, but not today. Today we're picking up on the first one we didn't do. It basically says to write some emotions on pieces of paper, draw one out of a hat, and write a review of a recent movie or TV show using only that emotion. Me, I'm gonna close my eyes and pick one off what I like to call the Wheel of Emotions.


You know what, I can work with that.

I'm not going to tell you the show in question, because major spoilers abound, and I don't think anyone cares anyway. So. It was a good show. A great show. But it started getting predicable. This was all last season, mind you. Now, I had my favorite character, as I tend to do. And I could see that they were pushing him toward some kind of redemption arc. Long story short, penultimate episode of Season One, and someone has to sacrifice themselves. They go through a series of several people attempting to do it, finally ending with, that's right, Mad's favorite character.

So they killed him. Like dicks.

Halfway through Season Two, I'm still not over it, but whatever. Now, this show is in a shared universe with other shows, and they made it seem like he was going to show up somehow on one of the others. Nope. A flashback and some trickery. Okay, TV people, you got me good. Real funny.

And then they said, "Oh hey, he's back on that show he died on." Except not. Just a figment of someone's imagination. So now I'm pissed. Clearly they are doing this on purpose just to hurt me. But why? What did I ever do to them? I stood by them, even after they killed my favorite character, and now here they are, taunting me.

It's like they're just asking for me to write a story with a fictionalized TV network where they get killed one by one as someone goes all Misery on their ass, forcing them to bring back characters or face the consequences.

Sorry, that was more vengeful.

Now, having done that, I don't really see the point. I'm probably not doing it right. I guess I'll try another one on Tuesday.

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