Friday, May 26, 2017

The Sound of Years Past

You know where we haven't been in a while? Mad's Music Corner. I think it's time to go back, get cozy, and listen to some tunes.

I know you're all eagerly awaiting all the things I'm supposed to be working on, but we all need a break. And it's a holiday weekend (Monday is Memorial Day, in case you're outside the US). I mean, not for me. I'm still working the holiday, but whatever. I'm taking my three day weekend in one evening.

I didn't set out to have a theme for this, but as I build my list, it looks like we're leaning toward "nostalgia." So take a walk down my own personal memory lane with me.

Lots of videos ahead, ye of low bandwidth beware.

Volbeat - Cape of Our Hero

Now this might seem like I'm making some kind of statement about Memorial Day. That wasn't intentional. They're Danish, anyway. Rather, I had forgotten how much I loved this song until I heard one of their others on the radio recently. And I said to myself, "Hey, remember that song?" And now I'm back to listening to it all the time again.

Through Fire - Breathe

I heard this on the radio. I'd never heard of this band, but it sounded… familiar. Well, that's because it's made up of some percentage of another band, Emphatic, that I used to listen to while playing Minecraft. So while this one is new, it gets me thinking about my carefree days of digging tunnels (that was like a year or two ago… or three?). And, you know, sometimes you lose things you like, and bands split up and everything has to move on. But sometimes they come back, just a little different.

Stereo Fuse - Morning

I've had this album forever. Like, I actually own it, physically, on a CD. I don't know why I ever stopped listening to it. Even after all this time, there's still a line that gets to me. "You hold the moon, I ride the sun. Tonight you're in the sky and I'm underground." I mean, yeah, that's how the solar system works, with the sun being on the other side of the world at night, but there's… I don't know. It's one of those things that sparks something in my head. There's a Live song that does the same thing…

Live - Run to the Water

Now, the line in question is "A million mile fall from grace, thank God we missed the ground." It's the.. I don't know, crescendo of it? Where it like, builds up? I'm not a musician. But now that I've just watched that, I'm getting story ideas about a post-apocalypse with a water shortage. If ever I say that I get ideas from everywhere, I want you to understand that I mean everywhere.

Faith No More - Ashes to Ashes

And while we're talking about 90's alt-rock bands… this was the next thing I thought of. Now, typically when you bring up Faith No More, most people/search engines think of "Epic," which is… meh. This one, however, was the first one I ever heard, many years ago, and is, in my opinion, far superior.

So that's all we have for today. I'll be back later to write about some actual writing. Maybe I'll have actually written some actual writing by then.

I'll see you Tuesday.

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